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Retro Future Radio

Retro Future Radio

Host: John Sailors

Show Schedule:

  • Tuesday - 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Join host John Sailors for "Retro Future Radio" while he walk you through the history of Classic Alternative, New Wave, Industrial, Punk, Ska and Electronic music and share some fun facts and tidbits about the bands, the artists and the genres of music featured. This show compares and contrasts music and cultural trends from then to now and frequently has theme nights. 
About The Host:

John Sailors is a Moose Cree First Nations Indigenous Artist and award winning documentarian residing in Emsdale, Ontario.  He was born on a reservation in Moose Factory Island. He moved to the Muskoka area as a young child. John’s childhood was spent between Muskoka and the reserve.

John is a public speaker and presents on Indigenous topics. He is a radio host on Hunters Bay Radio, hosting “Retro Future Radio”. He is also an actor and was in two plays at the Algonquin Theatre: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Of Mice and Men”

As an Indigenous Artist, John creates images based on representations of the Grandfather Spirits of each animal. In John’s culture, every animal has a spirit and his work is inspired by this and the beauty of every living thing.


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