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The Car Show

The Car Show

Host: Jacob Gettins

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    Your weekly dose of everything that goes zoom, vroom, and hopefully not boom. A lighthearted take on the metal boxes that take us where we need to go. Each week, Jacob will take you on a ride about his favourite subject, cars. You can expect to hear anything from opinions, lists, and even the odd how-to. This show will keep gear heads of all ages entertained as you learn new tips and tricks about some of your favourite automobiles.

    About The Host:

    Jacob has lived all over Ontario but has always come back to Huntsville. He spends his days working for The Sarjeant Company and every other waking moment is split between his two passions, cars and his family, not necessarily in that order. His hobbies include building and racing cars, producing videos for his YouTube show Pistonhead Productions, and hosting an automotive podcast called the Pistonhead Podcast. You can often find him barbecuing with friends and family, or all over North America submersing himself in automotive culture.



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