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The Mess Around

The Mess Around

Hosts: Johnny & Joanna

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    What happens when you put a girl with a passion for early 60s R&B together with a former radio Music Director and vinyl junkie?  Well, it can be a real mess…or should we say “Mess Around”!  Named after early 60’s juke-joint dance parties, Johnny and Jojo’s Mess Around plays a huge assortment of rare R&B, Soul, Rockabilly and even some Mod and British Invasion pop to mix things up.
    The Mess Around has only one rule: No slow songs! 
    So it’s sure to get your toes tappin’ and your hips shakin’ all summer long!
    But be careful: Too much dancing on the dock could scare the fish away!  Join them Sunday mornings at 10 here on the Bay 88.7 FM.  We are Muskoka!

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