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On This Day - June 22nd
2018-06-22 09:57:40

On This Day - June 22nd

Interesting tidbits of History - from On This Day at 8.30am. Tune in for #M...


Supporting the Community


The Bay supports many community organizations and not for profits by making financial donations and free airtime to support their causes. In 2017 The Bay invested $46,000 to groups including The Huntsville Hospital Foundation, Huntsville Hospice, and six food banks that operate in the region. We also provide free concerts for the public.
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The Bay is not your average radio station. We play the widest variety of music in the region with a heavy emphasis on supporting local music. Everyday is a new sound with different shows each day. Explore different musical tastes every night and on the weekend's too. Dig in to the local music scene with great local artists in heavy rotation - that's our Top 40.
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