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Hunters Bay Radio holds a license from the CRTC to undertake a "Community Radio" endeavour. Our license is different than those held by most other radio stations in our broadcast area. It calls for The Bay to play a wider variety of music, including several genres not played on "Commercial Radio". To reflect the interests of our community, we are also required to produce "Talk Radio", comprising 15% of our daily programming mix.

One of The Bay's mandates is to play music the listeners cannot hear on commercial radio stations. We strive to introduce listeners to music with which they may not otherwise be familiar, with an emphasis on new artists and local musicians. We play a mix of Blues, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Classic Rock, Folk, Alternative, and Big Band Era music, etc.. Our style can be characterized as Adult Alternative. We generally don't play Top 40 music.

Our programming is show/date focused, meaning that at certain times of the day, we play different kinds of music. Please consult our Schedule for more information.


The Bay supports local, home grown musicians who actively perform in the region and elsewhere. Since our inception in 2009, the local music scene has exploded with a large variety of artists covering a wide variety of genres. In our Huntsville studio, we sell CDs released by our local musicians and songwriters. With our "Hunters Bay Radio Presents" series, we sponsor live concerts at various venues throughout the community in order to increase the exposure of our local songwriters and musicians.


The Bay broadcasts a wide variety of music. We support local and Canadian independent musicians. We play Jazz, Folk, Country, Rock, Blues, Blues-inspired music, Reggae, World Music, and much more. If you are not sure your music falls within our criteria or is of broadcast quality, please tune in and become familiar with our programming before you make a submission. We are a volunteer-based station that is swamped with music submissions. It takes many hours to prepare any submissions for airplay. Going forward, we have instituted the following policy to help artists get to air faster.



Anything that is not properly formatted will not get into rotation until it is. We will accept music for consideration in MP3 format, provided the file names and the songs are formatted as follows:

File Name = Artist's Name - Song Title
Details (under properties) must include this info:
Title = Song Name
Contributing Artist = Artist Name
Album Artist = Artist Name
Album = Album Title or Single
Year = Year

These steps help to get your music  reviewed, and possibly selected, and into rotation.

Please send an email asking to be considered. Singles should be sent by email to music@muskokaradio.com. For larger collections of music, you can use WeTransfer or Dropbox. Thank you, in advance, for your co-operation.



At Hunters Bay Radio, it is our mandate to showcase new, emerging, and Canadian artists. Since day one, we have encouraged musicians to come to the studio in order to perform live on-air. We have 2 dedicated live performance shows: Our flagship show *Talent On The Bay* (Wednesdays at 6pm ET) and *Live Drive* (Thursdays at 6pm ET). If your schedule does not conform to these time slots, other arrangements can be made.

Talent On The Bay is an interview/performance show, wherein the musicians are asked to play a selection of 4-6 songs over the course of the hour. They will also be chatting with our host about the creative process.

Live Drive is a one-hour live-to-air concert on the Home Depot Stage in our Huntsville studio. It is hosted by the various musicians as well as the regular, weekly host. Generally, 10 songs are required per show. For all purposes, any appearances on Live Drive should be considered a real gig. There is a seating area provided so that the artists can invite supporters to the studio to watch their shows in person.

For more information including enquiries having to do with booking either show, please send messages to music@muskokaradio.com