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Muskoka Weekend

Muskoka Weekend

Host: Dale Antcliffe

Show Schedule:

  • Saturday - 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

The Weekend’s here, and we’re here to help get things rolling. With a wide array of music from across the Country, around the World, or just around the bend, you'll find some fun to add to the Sun. On Muskoka Weekend!

About The Host:

A man who's spent years surrounding himself with Creative Friends and Communities while living in Western Canada, Dale Antcliffe has come home, and is here to share and promote musical artists that you may never have heard of on “Hit Radio.”

Having helped musicians and venues in his travels, and had his own experiences in being a singer/songwriter, he values independent creativity, over commercial polish. Just as a community is built by different types of people, so is his mix comprised of different kinds of artists, doing the best they can. As he once wrote;
“I’ve met Millionaires and Poor Folks,
Tradesmen, Bikers, Cops and Cowpokes,
Politicians, Black Magicians,
Pirates, Artists and Musicians…”

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