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3 Forever Songs Contest
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3 Forever Songs Contest

Posted: 2024-06-30 11:00:07 By: thebay

Enter The Bay's 3 Forever Songs Playlist Contest to win some great swag from Hunters Bay Radio.

We want to know what 3 songs you like so much, that you could only listen to them for the rest of your life, no other songs, no Hunters Bay Radio playing endless variety - just your 3 fav's for the rest of your life.

What would they be?  And could you do it?

Think hard, 'cause you can only submit once.  Each Friday, we'll select the best ones and play them, and if you hear it, text us saying what time you heard it, and what your songs were and you'll win a Hunters Bay Radio Muskoka Tee!

This is how you submit (you can only submit once)

Text "Forever Songs" to the Festing Toyota Textline at 705-224.2527 with your name, and your 3 Forever Song titles.

Then all you have to do is listen for a chance to win.

If you hear your playlist, just text us back with the time you heard it, and you're a winner!