A Warmer Spring On The Way - Weather Network

A Warmer Spring On The Way - Weather Network

Posted: 2021-03-02 07:49:01 By: thebay

The Weather Network announced its spring forecast yesterday saying a warmer spring is expected in Ontario, compared with recent springs, and March will bring tastes of early spring after a very wintry February.

The Weather Network says we are still at risk for parting shots of winter, and a period of colder weather is expected during mid-spring before more consistent warmth sets in, but they do not expect the colder weather will take over the season as it has during the past few years.

They cautioned that localized spring flooding could still occur, but the risk for widespread flooding is lower than normal this year due to below normal snowpack across much of the province.

Above normal precipitation is expected for much of Ontario, but they do not expect more than the typical number of rainy days.