Affordable Housing Cited As A Causal Factor For Employment Crisis In Huntsville

Posted: 2021-10-01 08:29:46 By: thebay

Huntsville Councilors heard about employment and the hiring crisis at last Monday’s Council Meeting. Mary Ellen Fetterly of the YMCA Employment & Learning Services presented a report, telling councilors that in the In the past 5 years alone, they have injected over $500,000 into the community to help employers hire new staff and to assist job seekers. The organization has been providing services to our community for 18 years.

Fetterly told councilors that they also connect employers through the Huntsville Job Fair, as well they deliver literacy services to teach people the basics of reading, writing and computer basics, and they partner with Ontario Works and Community Living to help our most vulnerable. The YMCA also has specialized programming for youth.

The report also noted that employers are still having trouble hiring staff and the YMCA is working with them on this issue.

Councilor Armor asked about this issue, and Mary Ellen advised that there are definitely less people looking for work, and one contributing factor is the lack of affordable housing in our community.