Algonquin Theatre Stage Floor To Be Replaced At A Cost Of $38,750

Posted: 2019-12-20 11:56:32 By: hbr

During Tuesday morning's special Town council meeting, a total of $38,750 was approved to replace the Algonquin Theatre stage floor.   

The stage floor is a floating floor, and presently there are dips in the floor that would make it dangerous for dancers, and other patrons. Staff said they could lose dance competitions if the problem isn’t fixed. 

$25,000 was originally allocated for replacement of the floor but the bids have come in higher, and therefore staff have  requested approval for the additional amount of $13,750.

Two weeks would be required to replace the floor, a week for the flooring to acclimate, and a week to install the flooring. Staff say the flooring should have lasted longer, but they feel it wasn't installed properly to start with.