Bala's Trek To Bethlehem Returns December 1st

Posted: 2018-11-06 07:15:44 By: hbr

The community of Bala will be presenting its annual Trek to Bethlehem on Saturday, December 1st. The circle of Bala streets will be transformed into a biblical village where visitors journey back in time to experience what the first Christmas night might have looked, sounded, and felt like.

The tours start at the Bala Community Centre and guests are given a decree stating that they are summoned to the City of their Fathers ‘to be counted’ and to pay their taxes. Departing in small family groups, guests are led by a costumed guide, escorting them around the incredible Trek where visitors will meet up with an impressive cast of biblical characters.

Organizers say there is no charge. The Trek to Bethlehem has been a Christmas gift from the Town of Bala since 1993.