Beaver Dam Management Strategy Discussed At Huntsville General Committee

Posted: 2021-07-05 07:42:43 By: thebay

Town of Huntsville Manager of Operations Kevin Boucock was on hand to discuss proposed changes to the beaver dam management bylaw at the June 30th General Committee meeting.
Boucock told council, that staff are looking at working with people and offering advice in the interest of safety, managing or removing dams, and protecting both private and town property from flooding.
Dams on town property receive weekly checks to address any issues and keep the water flowing. Those on private property, however, often do not, until an emergency or damage occurs.
Deputy Mayor Allcock noted the change of approach when mentioning that “beaver dams are part of our natural environment,” and was appreciative of the management idea as opposed to the idea of eradication that was presented back in December.


By Jennifer Turney, for