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Bracebridge approves Development Charges By-law
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Bracebridge approves Development Charges By-law

Posted: 2024-06-14 14:12:08 By: thebay

Bracebridge Council approved the new Development Charges By-law, in the June 12, 2024, meeting.

According to the staff report, the Town deems it necessary to enact the new By-law in an “expedient” manner, especially considering the push for accessible and affordable housing, which is in line with the background study in March 2024.

The study supports Bill 23 (Build More Homes Faster Act) and outlines that development charge exemptions will apply to affordable/attainable homes, building additional units or suites, non-profit housing, and other initiatives. Discounts will be provided for rental housing developments with more than four units, based on the number of bedrooms.

In the April 11, 2024, meeting developers expressed concerns about inaccurate projections in the study that are “misaligned,” “regressive,” and “ill formed,” and requested staff set up a meeting with developers. However, according to the staff report, Council has decided that no further public meetings are necessary at this point.

The staff report adds that along with the development of residential land comes increases for the need of more Town services. So, in accordance with the background study and with consideration to the public feedback, Council’s intent is to initiate capital works.

The report indicates that changes to the Development Charges By-law will be calculated “on a municipal-wide uniform basis.”

Council will focus on the recovery of “committed excess capacity of future development charges,” according to the report.

The Town is expected to experience both re-development and development growth moving forward. Therefore, its important to ensure the Capital Costs meet that growth and that’s it’s not a financial burden to the taxpayers, “ensuring new taxpayers contribute no more than the net Capital Cost attributable to providing current level of municipal services,” adds the report.

According to the amended Development Charges Act, Council can pass By-laws imposing development charges to land to increase Corporate Costs due to a need for services resulting from development where the By-law is in effect.