Bracebridge Delegation To Visit Norway

Posted: 2019-02-26 07:23:57 By: hbr

A delegation from Muskoka is packing their bags for a trip to Bracebridge’s sister town in Norway.

This week Bracebridge council officially received the invite from Heidi Granli, the mayor of Gol, Norway to come and visit their community.

Bracebridge council anticipates a group of 7 or 8 will make the trip in May, and they hope to get representatives from the education sector, the Rotary Club, the tourism sector and several town representatives. Councilor Steve Clement said he’s interested in going.

Town staff said they’re working out budget details now but they pegged the cost of an eight day trip at about $2,000. The committee determined that delegates from local business and organizations will be responsible for their return flight, personal expenses and accommodations.

The two communities have now sent several delegations back and forth between the two countries. The relationship stems from the use of the Muskoka Airport as a training ground for Norwegian fighter pilots during World War II.