Bracebridge/Cottagers Dispute Heading To Resolution

Posted: 2020-02-14 09:56:22 By: hbr

A parking headache for Prospect Lake cottagers in Bracebridge appears headed for resolution.

During the latest Bracebridge Town council meeting, Coun. Archie Buie said he anticipates an amicable resolution to come back to council for ratification in May.

Last year cottage owners on the lake were left perplexed when signs appeared telling them they could only park for a maximum of 24 hours. The parking lot has been in use for more than 70 years, and the lot is primarily used as an access point for those taking boats to their cottages.  As such cars are often parked there for more than 24 hours.

According to Buie, the problems started when an emergency vehicle had issues navigating the parking lot and a sign was installed laying out the 24-hour guideline.  Buie said as soon as the sign went up he started hearing complaints from cottagers.