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Brackenrig Nursery receives Grant to help launch SEEDpod Sustainable Education Event Days

Brackenrig Nursery receives Grant to help launch SEEDpod Sustainable Education Event Days

Posted: 2022-04-06 11:08:13 By: thebay


This gardening season, Brackenrig Nursery owner, Linda Potts has a lot to smile about. She has been very busy this winter creating SEEDpod (Sustainable Education Event Days) a community initiative allowing her to combine many things she is passionate about; gardening, food, art and protecting the environment.

SEEDpod is a special place in the Brackenrig Nursery garden (and online) where community gathers to learn, create, inspire positive environmental change, where creative dialogue about climate change happens, where we can exchange seeds and knowledge, access trees for community plantings and importantly it is a place where everyone is welcome. In addition, Pots is thrilled to announce that the SEEDpod initiative has been selected by Desjardins GoodSpark as a recipient of their $20,000 community grant.

Pots says “The effects of climate change are becoming more prevalent and severe weather events directly impact our ability to conduct business “as usual”. The Desjardins Goodspark grant will enable Brackenrig Nursery to be part of the solution by hosting SEEDpod, to create awareness and inspire our community to use best environmental practices when making lifestyle choices about gardening, food, and creating healthy environments.

The community is invited to participate in SEEDpod, by coming to the garden to attend a talk or a workshop, share knowledge of best practices for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living, raise awareness of the importance of food security and to fight climate change.

For more information on scheduled events, how you can participate, and learn more about SEEDpod events, visit

https://www.brackenrignursery.com/seedpod or contact Linda pots at (705) 765-6261 or bracken@muskoka.com