Bruce Kruger, Town Cryer Makes 18th Presentation To Bracebridge Council

Posted: 2019-07-03 07:57:01 By: hbr

For nearly two decades, the cries of Bruce Kruger have been heard loud and clear throughout the region and beyond.

During their last general committee meeting, town council welcomed Bracebridge’s official town crier for his 18th annual presentation.

Kruger spoke about his various activities and duties over the course of the past year, including the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes fundraiser, pond hockey tournaments, Groundhog Day festivities in Wiarton and his own grandson’s wedding. 

He was also given the chance to do his cry as part of an international celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. That celebration included the tolling of bells around the world, including the new fire hall and the Anglican church in Bracebridge