Candidate For Local Conservative Party Nominee Accuses Aitchison of Dirty Politics

Posted: 2019-06-21 12:55:00 By: hbr

The race to become the nominee for the next Muskoka Parry Sound Conservative Candidate took a turn for the worse yesterday.

Holly Thompson, who is one of the four people seeking the nomination called out Mayor Scott Aitchison for what she called unprofessional campaign tactics after his campaign arranged a series of “All Candidates Debates” that were not arranged, sponsored and moderated by the Parry Sound-Muskoka riding Association.  Thompson said the events were set up without consultation and provided little notice.

For his part, Aitchison said there generally aren’t all candidates debates at the nomination level, but several party members had approached him to arrange them.  Aitchison said that while he realized there was short notice for some of the events he had hoped that  all the candidates would be able to make some of the meetings and get to know party members.

At last nights meeting Aitchison was joined by Alan Fraser, while both Thompson and Meghan Shannon boycotted the event.


Listen to our full interview with Aitchison here: