Circulation Down At Bracebridge Library

Posted: 2019-06-17 07:23:24 By: hbr

For the third year in a row the Bracebridge Library reports that circulation is down at their downtown location. However, as part of their annual report to council, the library also reported that attendance at their adult programs and special events was up by roughly 17 per cent last year.

The average monthly circulation for 2018 was 8,092, which equates to an average of 13 fewer items per day of operation than 2017.

According to the report there are many factors that may have led to the drop in circulation. They include fewer class visits, an increase in inclement weather and the usual rise and fall in readership. However, much of the loss in circulation this year can be attributed to the DVD collection. In particular, an improved Canadian Netflix and its broader accessibility, has resulted in a drop of 10 per cent in the library's DVD usage. While that percent of a lower circulating format might not be significant, for the library’s popular DVD collection, it represents a loss of 2,481 items alone.

Circulation of materials for children and teens saw 1,750 fewer items. The loss in those collections combined makes up almost all of the 4 pe cent drop in total circulation.