Clement Asks Government To Confirm Or Deny A Firearms Ban

Posted: 2019-05-13 11:28:20 By: hbr

MP Tony Clement caught the government off guard last week when he asked a question about the government’s plans to issue an order in cabinet to ban firearms.  The announcement, Clement says will be made at a conference to be held in the Vancouver area in early June.

Clement says cabinet directive is very rarely used to implement legislation given the fact that the Liberals have a majority and could push through the legislation in the House of Commons.

Clement said what was most surprising was the government would not deny the plan.

How far reaching the ban would be and what firearms would be involved in the ban, Clement couldn’t say, but he did indicate that Canada is not the wild west and that firearms are difficult to acquire legally.

Clement also said that only legal gun owners would be affected by the legislation – criminals would still be able to acquire firearms for the purposes of committing a crime.