Clement Calls On Feds To Support Tree Planting

Posted: 2019-04-30 09:39:55 By: hbr

Yesterday, Parry Sound-Muskoka MP Tony Clement urged the Canadian government to join international efforts to support the planting of one trillion trees around the world, noting it would help solve the negative impact of climate change, such as increased flooding and reduced biodiversity.

MP Clement, made a plea in the House Commons to choose supporting the practical and cost-effective solutions of the Trillion Tree Movement, rather than the endless fight over the carbon tax.

There are several international movements engaged in the Trillion Tree Campaign, Clement says, noting that government alone cannot overcome all the challenges associated with climate change.

Estimates indicate that planting one trillion trees is the equivalent of eliminating ten years of global carbon emissions. India has already planted one billion trees, Canada could plan two billion trees and be a leader in Carbon emission reduction.

MP Clement said “Here in Ontario the private sector is already planting 68 million trees every single year. This outstanding effort should be supported and encouraged by government at all levels, so that all of society is mobilized to tackle this existential issue of our times, he said.