Climate Action Muskoka Releases Federal Party's Climate Policy Comparison

Posted: 2021-09-13 07:44:44 By: thebay

Climate Action Muskoka says that as we go to the polls this week to elect the next Federal government, Canadians are dealing with many challenges, but one issue supersedes all the others: climate change. 

The organization says parties have attempted to address this issue in their platforms, but these documents can be difficult to read and even more difficult to compare. 

As a non-partisan group that seeks to educate and inspire people in matters related to climate change, Climate Action Muskoka have prepared a climate policy comparison to help people make informed, rational choices about the government they choose to elect. 

The 2021 Federal Election: Climate Policy Comparison document is an easy to read, two page summary and comparison of party climate policies. A copy of which can be found in our story at