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Co-op asks town for land to locate new produce grow ops

Co-op asks town for land to locate new produce grow ops

Posted: 2022-05-02 09:21:28 By: thebay

The Muskoka North Good Food Co-operative turned to Huntsville’s General Committee on April 27, 2022 for potential land options for placement of two 10 x 40 foot steel units to grow produce for the community.

According to the Co-op manager, Kelli Ebbs, “People are cooking more at home, not eating out as much and are harnessing their well being more than ever.” She says they provide clean, fresh produce throughout the year, providing quality local food to the public and restaurants, an opportunity for hands on education for the community, and jobs.

The Co-op is looking for centralized locations for installation of the units in August, in easily accessible places for the community, and where schools and the public can be involved, and seeks “ideas from Council to help put the units in a place to make the best use.”

Council member Brian Thompson said, “This is an exiting idea. Fantastic. Locally grown, year-round, not waiting for produce coming in from California,” and asked about how much space was needed.

40x40 feet of square land with accessibility from all sides is needed for the units that have 4 doorways, with the goal to provide places where people can “gather and sit” says Ebbs, adding, “a hub of good food.”

The Co-op’s current location lease is up in 1/ ½ years, and according to Ebbs, they “need to expand, so we’re looking for further opportunities for larger and more centralized and accessible locations.”

Mayor, Karin Terziano said they will respond in 60 days regarding what land they have available.