Costs Increase For Bracebridge Road Project After Explosion

Posted: 2018-11-21 06:51:28 By: hbr

A road project in downtown Bracebridge which suffered a massive explosion during the summer has now jumped significantly in cost. A water, sewer and roadworks project in the Kimberley Avenue and Ontario Street area originally pegged at $1.3 million is now more likely to cost $1.9 million, District council heard during their Monday evening meeting. On August 24, a blasting mishap smashed dozens of windows on homes up and down the street and left area residents rattled and angry. The extra cost is for the construction of an increased quantity of sidewalk, curb and gutter and hammering of rock instead of blasting. A portion of the cost will be taken on by the Town of Bracebridge but exactly how much has yet to be finalized. District council is now in lame duck status and did not vote on the budget increase. It will be decided by the incoming council.