Council Approves Minor Change To Streetscape Project

Council Approves Minor Change To Streetscape Project

Posted: 2020-10-15 12:23:19 By: thebay

During Wednesday’s special town council meeting in Huntsville, a deputation was made by local restaurant owner Jerry Feltis to make a change to the Street Scape project.
The restauranteur asked that the town consider extending the wider sidewalk to just beyond the Mill on Main property to accommodate a sidewalk patio on Main St. 

Mr. Feltis advised that they had received support from the neighbouring business owners. The change would result in 3 parking spaces being reduced, however the restaurant was willing to turn over 2 parking spaces in the back of their property to the town. As well they advised that they would mandate their staff to park out of the downtown area during day time shifts, in the core months, when parking is at a premium.

After some discussion, Town Council approved the request for this change. Councilor Thompson commented that this needs to be the last change order for the project to go ahead. Mayor Terziano agreed.

Steve Hernen, Director of Operations and Protective services will look into drafting  a letter of understanding with the Mill on Main in regards to the Staff parking.