Council Waives Docking Fee For Cruise Boat Operator

Posted: 2019-08-27 16:16:57 By: hbr

During Monday’s Huntsville Town council meeting Stephen Wylie, owner of Tom Thomson Cruises, along with Kelly Haywood with the Huntsville Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce petitioned Town council to waive the dock fees for the Tom Thomson boat from Sept 4 to Oct 31 2019.

Mr. Wylie advised council he would be conducting boat tours from the Huntsville town dock starting Sept 4th.  Kelly Haywood from the Chamber advised they support the boat cruises from the dock, and expect it to bring increased visitors to our town during September and October. The tour would also include some education on our heritage and history. Haywood stated that tour operators are looking for packages that would include the boat cruise.

Currently the only rate with the town for the dock rental is for the whole dock area.

After some discussion Council agreed to waive the dock fees for this season. Two finger docks will be removed nearest to the town bridge to accommodate the Tom Thomson. Council also asked that staff look into the current fee schedule for the dock rental.