Crocicurl Coming To Fire & Ice Festival

Posted: 2019-01-21 07:24:22 By: hbr

During their meeting last week, Bracebridge Town council was informed that the skating rinks at Memorial Park and Annie Williams Park are both in fine shape.

This year, there is an added draw for the downtown skating area, which already includes an ice trail and illuminated art installation.

Memorial Park now features “crocicurl” — a hybrid mix of curling and crokinole. The game is essentially a super-sized version of crockinole played on ice with smaller, lighter curling rocks made of plastic. The plastic curling rocks are used because they are easier to use and have less distance to travel. Like the crokinole board, the play area of crokicurl has posts around the inner ring to make it a little more challenging.

Muskokans can get a taste of crocicurl at the upcoming Fire and Ice Festival on Jan. 26.