Development A Topic of Concern At Gravenhurst All Candidates Debate

Posted: 2018-08-31 11:56:23 By: hbr

The All Candidates Debate for the Gravenhurst 2018 municipal election took place last night.

The question of high density buildings along gull lake was a popular debate topic with nearly every candidate agreeing that too much overdevelopment on would be negative for the towns environment and scenery.

An addition to this year's debate, was a Yes or No speed round. Candidates were asked questions for three rounds where their answer could only be yes or no.

Some candidates were frustrated the limitation it gave them, with some trying to give explanations before being cut off. However the moderator said that people deserve to know up front what a candidates stance is, with as straight of an answer as possible.

This year's voting system will be held online. Registered voters will receive a voters information card in the mail with a four digit access code. From there they can go to the online website provided and use that code to sign in and cast their vote.

Anyone who is not on the voters list is advised to go to the clerk’s office with a piece of I.D. to register. The online poles open on October 12th and will remain opened until 8pm on October 22nd.