District Council Gets Update On Royal Victoria Hospital

Posted: 2019-02-26 07:27:58 By: hbr

Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) in Barrie is seeing more Muskokans every year and they have big plans to introduce new services for all of their users.

That was the word from hospital CEO Janice Skot when she addressed Muskoka District council last week. The District has contributed millions of dollars to RVH over the past decade and RVH annually comes to council to tell them how that money is being spent and new programs they have in the works.

Skot said the hospital cared for roughly 4,800 residents of Muskoka in 2017-2018 for a total of roughly 19,000 visits. That equates to approximately 50 Muskokans treated at RVH every day.

By far the greatest number - some 9,437 visits - were for cancer treatment. Skot said since 2008 RVH has seen an increase in cancer treatments for Muskokans of some 660 percent. On an average year, Skot said they estimate that Muskokans save 1.8 million kms of drive time.

Skot also pointed to troubling stats that reveal Muskoka has a rate of teenage suicide much higher than the provincial average. However, she said a new program is making inroads towards tackling the problem.

Up next for RVH is implementing 24/7 “gold standard” cardiac intervention care, scheduled to be in place by 2020. Skot said heart attack victims will soon be able to bypass local hospitals and access top tier cardiac intervention within 120 minutes of a heart attack.