District Drops Plans For Long Term Care Facility In South Muskoka In Favour Of Fairvern

Posted: 2019-12-24 07:46:25 By: hbr

The District of Muskoka has dropped its plans to pursue a long-term care facility in south Muskoka. 

While they may pursue funding for the project from the province at some point in the future District councillors decided during their latest meeting that they would focus all of their efforts on obtaining more beds for the Fairvern Nursing Home.

The province recently opened up a funding opportunity that will create 15,000 new long-term care beds across Ontario.  However, District staff said the process is extremely competitive and more than half of the beds have already been allocated.

As such, staff advised council that it would be wise to focus strictly on Fairvern for the time being so as not to put the two projects in competition with one another. 

Councillors heard that Fairvern will face serious repercussions if the facility is not renovated by 2025. At that time Fairvern must build a new home to meet the provincial criteria or their licenses will end and be reallocated by the province.

Coun. Nancy Alcock said if the District doesn’t take on the Fairvern project, the Farivern board has said they will not move forward.

“We will lose Fairvern and I don't see how that can happen,” she said.

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