District Gives Update on King William St. Construction

Posted: 2019-05-28 09:47:30 By: hbr

At Monday night’s Council meeting in Huntsville, the District of Muskoka provided an update on the upcoming  King William Construction.

Mark Misko, Director of Engineering & Transportation for the District advised that 3 contractors have  made it through the process to bid on this project.

The tender will close next Wednesday , and the construction should start shortly after June 20th. Construction is expected to continue until November 30th, but this will be dependent on weather.  The final layer of asphalt will probably be laid in the spring of 2020. The District of Muskoka asked that each contractor provide a quote based on a basic schedule, as well as an accelerated schedule.   

Councillor Withey mentioned that he has been asked if a left turn could be added  from  Main to John St. to better accommodate the businesses in that area. Mayor Scott Aitchison has asked the District to see if this is possible, and how much land would be required to make this change.  More details will be available once the contract has been awarded.