District Ponders Turtle Fence At A Cost of $200,000

Posted: 2018-06-19 11:14:24 By: hbr

The District wants to take a closer look at protecting Muskoka’s turtles.

During Monday evening’s District council meeting, staff were directed to look at increased turtle protection, including the construction of reptile fences along two sections of roadway in Muskoka Lakes Township.

The move came after Muskoka Lakes Township was paid a visit by Scales Nature Park, which gave a presentation on the vulnerability of turtles in the region. They agreed to send a request for fencing on to the District.

The fences stand just under one metre tall and are meant to keep amphibians off the road. Council was informed that there are already similar fences in Georgian Bay Township, which are used to protect snakes. However staff said the turtle fences would not be without some obstacles. Staff need to consider existing infrastructure like culverts and driveways, as well as consultation with neighbouring property owners.

If it’s agreed that the fences should be built, the estimated cost is just under $200,000.