District Resumes Resort Policy Consultations In 2021

District Resumes Resort Policy Consultations In 2021

Posted: 2020-12-31 07:47:40 By: thebay

Muskoka’s resorts will once again be under the microscope in January 2021 as the District resumes its resort policy review.

The goal of the review is to revise the approach to resort development and redevelopment across Muskoka to achieve the objectives of the Muskoka Official Plan, meet the needs of the industry, and address priorities for the Muskoka community. 

Using the 2017 draft policies as a starting point, the goal of the consultation has been to move toward policy directions, formal consultation, and ultimately an Official Plan Amendment to update the resort policies in the  Muskoka official plan.

The development of the plan has garnered a great deal of interest, particularly in municipalities with a large amount of waterfront.  A number of lake and cottager associations have been heavily involved in providing input on potential policy changes.