District Wants To Know How Fast Is Your Internet

Posted: 2020-11-19 09:33:36 By: thebay

The District says that broadband access has been identified as a key priority for both residents and businesses by the District and the Muskoka Economic Recovery Task Force.  Several federal and or provincial funding programs are anticipated, including the one recently announced by the federal government. 

To help position Muskoka to take best advantage of these broadband funding programs, they need to identify needs through speed testing and gap analysis.  To help with that work, the Task Force is encouraging all residents and business owners in Muskoka to test the speeds of their current internet service using a tool available at

District Chair, John Klinck says  “We must ensure that all Muskoka families have access to high-quality, affordable internet service to meet their children’s online learning and training needs.”

Residents and businesses can use the test tool to measure actual internet speed at their properties (the speed to both upload and download data) and are encouraged to take several speed tests to capture the variation in speed associated with different times of day.