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Donor offers $300k to help build new washrooms at River Mill Park

Donor offers $300k to help build new washrooms at River Mill Park

Posted: 2022-07-26 14:32:23 By: thebay

An anonymous donor has come forward to donate the necessary capital to build new permanent washrooms at River Mill park. Councilors heard last night at their regularly scheduled meeting, that the donor is willing to provide up to $300,000 for this project.

Council had previously directed staff to develop a detailed cost of moving and converting the Kent park kiosk to washroom facility. A donor then reached out to staff at the Town and offered to pay for the building of permanent washrooms. Although the town hall washrooms will remain available for public use, it is not ideal for park users and especially those with accessibility concerns.

Town staff have completed preliminary evaluations of possible locations based on accessibility to water, sewage connections, electric services,  and accessibility, to name a few. They determined the optimal location would be in the clearing on the north side of the parking lot in River Mill park. The actual cost of the permanent washroom facility is yet to be determined. Once further information is available staff will report back.

Staff were  also instructed to provide portable washrooms in the park during the time the lease expires for the washroom use on West St. and the time the new washrooms are being built. Until all the terms and conditions are worked out, and depending on the donors wishes, their name may be revealed later. The donor originally heard about the washroom issue on Hunters Bay Radio.