Draft Budget Puts Aside $1Million For Downtown Huntsville's New Streetscape

Posted: 2019-11-13 08:17:04 By: hbr

During a special Huntsville Town Council meeting yesterday, staff presented their draft budget for 2020.

The document calls for a levy increase of $591,000 over last year, and the rebuilding of the Brunel locks will be deferred until 2021, and the Etwell Bridge project was added.

The transportation levy will see an additional funding of $400,000 over the prior year, bringing total funding to $2,686,450.  

$1,000,000 will be transferred from this levy to funding for the Streetscape Reserve project for 2020.  The same amount will be directed to the 2021 budget.

Steve Hernen, Director of Operations & Protective Services advised it will take 4-5 years to catch up with reserves to where it was previously. The Streetscape project is set to take place in 2021, and will see major construction on Huntsville’s Main St from Lorne to the bridge.