Fire Ban In Effect In Almaguin Highlands

Fire Ban In Effect In Almaguin Highlands

Posted: 2020-07-06 07:58:44 By: thebay

Effective this morning, a total fireban is in effect in  Perry Township, Sprucedale, Burks Falls and Magnetawan.

Kearney Fire Chief Paul Schaefer says that this is due to a forest fire on late Friday afternoon, where more then 2 acres of bush in a very remote area were lost so to a careless camp fire.

The Fire Chief says things could have been worse with more than 60 cottages that could have been effected if had things hadn’t gone their way.

Perry Township, Magnetawan, Sprucedale and Burks Falls also attended to assist. Rickward’s small motors of Kearney were also called and supplied three additional four wheelers to assist in getting manpower and gear to the fire. The MNR dropped approximately 12 loads of water on the fire.

Schaefer had a large thank you to residents who came out with water including Kearney Mayor Carol Ballantyne.