Flood Repairs Still Underway In Bracebridge

Posted: 2019-09-03 08:26:55 By: hbr

The Town of Bracebridge is still working on nearly $4 million in recovery projects from the flooding experienced throughout the region this spring.

During the most recent general committee meeting, councillors discussed a number of projects that still need to be undertaken. 

There were some concerns regarding more than $700,000 needed for repairs to Crozier Bridge, which services a single residence. Coun. Barb McMurray suggested the money would be better spent on roads to facilitate access to harder to reach areas. 

Geoff Carleton, the Town's manager of Public Works, said Crozier bridge was damaged during the flood but was on a list to be repaired in the next couple of years anyway. He said it’s council’s decision whether to keep the bridge or not, but they need to keep in mind it will restrict access to the resident on the other side of the river. 

There was also some discussion of the reconstruction of the breakwall located at the base of Bracebridge Falls. There are concerns that if it’s rebuilt as it currently exists it could funnel water towards Kelvin Grove Park on the far side of the bay and increase erosion. Staff said they’ll consider the issue when planning the rebuild.