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Former Mayor's past business connected to Emergencies Commission

Former Mayor's past business connected to Emergencies Commission

Posted: 2022-11-24 07:46:02 By: thebay

A lawyer representing the "Freedom Convoy" organizers has been denied access by the commissioner overseeing the public inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act in order to investigate an unproven claim that vile imagery seen at the Ottawa rallies last winter was faked.

Justice Paul Rouleau responded in writing to Freedom Corp. attorney Brendan Miller's request to summon further witnesses, stating that Miller's claims are "troubling" and "lack little foundation in evidence."

Miller claimed that the lobbying firm Enterprise Canada, once owned by former Huntsville Mayor, Hugh Mackenzie, had placed Nazi and Confederate flags at the rally. Mackenzie was the co-founder, chief administrative officer and majority shareholder before selling the company and subsequently declaring bankruptcy in 2016.

The claim was denied by Enterprise Canada as being "absurd and vile" and incorrect. A cease-and-desist letter was also delivered, stating that Miller would soon get a formal libel notice.

Rouleau said that calling witnesses to testify against Miller's assertions in the absence of supporting evidence is absurd and questioned the lawyer's timing in bringing up the matter at the conclusion of the Public Order Emergency Commission's six weeks of open hearings.