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Fowler Construction gives response to concerns on quarry extension

Fowler Construction gives response to concerns on quarry extension

Posted: 2022-09-01 07:25:09 By: thebay

Fowler Construction responded to concerns raised about their Quarry expansion during the approval of their application in the Bracebridge Planning and Development meeting on August 24, 2022.

Given the application to increase aggregate extraction to a maximum of 2,000,000 tonnes per year, from the existing 210,000 tonnes, public and council concerns included safety, noise, current road deterioration, and damage from the trucks, resulting impact of the traffic on Muskoka Road 46 (Bonnie Lake Road), the road used to haul aggregate.

In a letter to Council, Fowler indicated, “The site is licenced to ship an unlimited amount of aggregate annually. District Road 46 is an existing aggregate haul route that was reconstructed in 2011 / 2012 and will continue to be used as a haul route for the foreseeable future based in the existing approved Childs Pit / Quarry.”

Fowler added they are working with the District and Town to “help improve conditions related to truck traffic.”

Conditional to the application, Fowler has also agreed to:

  • Pay for improvements at highway 117 and Road 46 intersection “if a defined tonnage is exceeded.”
  • Restrict the number of trucks per hour until the entrance / exit is relocated.
  • Add berms at the entrance / exit to reduce the noise on-site.
  • Pay for signs related to truck traffic on 46, driveways, other users of the road, jake brakes and no stopping.

Fowler added, “As a part of the application, The District of Muskoka did undertake a peer review of the Traffic Study and is satisfied with the recommended improvements to the transportation network.”

A meeting will be held between Fowler and The District to address public concerns about truck traffic on 46 from the Quarry, and for consideration for preparation of the Bracebridge Transportation Master Plan and The District’s Active Transportation Strategy.