Gravenhurst Landlord Fined $7500 For Failing To Comply With Fire Code Orders

Posted: 2019-01-29 15:20:43 By: hbr

The owner of a small Gravenhurst apartment building was fined a total of $7500.00 in Bracebridge Provincial Offences Court today after pleading guilty to two counts of “Failing to Comply” with inspection orders issued by the Gravenhurst Fire Department.

In August 2018, the Fire Department conducted an inspection of the apartment which contained four living units, and found a number of fire safety deficiencies. The inspector subsequently issued orders under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act specifying timelines to bring the building into compliance..

The Fire Chief stressed that the Town’s purpose is not to punish, but rather pursue safety matters to the point where buildings are brought into compliance. In most cases, where a building owner complies with orders, charges are not necessary. “In this instance, since the charges were laid, the landlord has moved the building much closer towards compliance. As of yesterday, a couple of minor issues still need to be addressed and our inspector will be pursuing these in the days and weeks ahead,” said the Chief. “Failing this, additional charges may be laid,” he noted.