Group Opposing Quarry Applaud Municipality

Posted: 2018-06-22 11:27:13 By: hbr

A group of residents and landowners in Algonquin Highlands are applauding their council after a meeting held on Thursday.

In a statement the group said “We are very pleased with the continued vigilance of the Mayor and Councilors in upholding the Official Plan at the Council Meeting of June 21, 2018.  Without a doubt, the proposed McClintock Quarry, 400 metres from Harvey Lake, close to sensitive wetlands and habitats, with extremely noisy and dusty rock crushing all summer near children, is simply a poorly planned site for a new quarry." 

Aaron Court,  a Harvey Lake resident said  “With the majority of work subcontracted by out of town providers, this development does not bring new jobs to the area.  Allowing such a development that directly contravenes by-laws would set a dangerous precedence, and we commend the Township for their commitment to the Official Town Plan which requires new quarries to be at least 1,000 metres from waterfronts.”