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Historic Madill Church to undergo restoration
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Historic Madill Church to undergo restoration

Posted: 2023-10-27 12:38:27 By: thebay

The Madill Church Preservation Society provided an update to Huntsville Councilors on the reconstruction of Madill Church.

Councilors heard that the reconstruction is in support of preservation efforts and parts of the structure that are amendable to preservation, like the logs, will be carefully removed and reused when the church is reconstructed.

The church must be deconstructed to allow for the replacement of the foundation. A new truss roof will also be installed.

Any new materials that are being used are selected with the priority to maintain the historical accuracy of the structure. The Town of Huntsville also waived the $2,000 permit fees in support of the project.

The project is funded by community donations, a Canadian Heritage grant, and the Town of Huntsville.