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Huntsville About To Sign Deal For 3 New Doctors
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Huntsville About To Sign Deal For 3 New Doctors

Posted: 2024-06-26 07:44:02 By: thebay

To address the critical shortage of family physicians in Huntsville, Councilors approved the Physician Incentive Program on May 27, which offers incentives to attract up to 10 family physicians, who commit to serving the community for 5 years.

According to anonymous sources, The Bay news room has learned that 3 doctors are planning to come to Huntsville and “1 more is seriously considering it.”

While the contracts have not yet been signed, there is confidence at town hall that the deal will be finalized.

The incoming doctors will receive a one-time signing bonus of $60,000 for taking over an existing family practice, or up to $80,000 for establishing a new practice, along with family memberships at town facilities.

In addition to the financial support from the Town, the business community is providing supplementary incentives aimed at attracting physicians.

Before finalizing the package, the town is asking the community to gather any additional contributions or suggestions that could further enrich the incentive package.

For more information or to add your product or service, contact Councilors Scott Morrison or Bob Stone.