Huntsville Councilors Vote To Appoint New Mayor

Posted: 2019-11-26 06:49:17 By: hbr

During Huntsville’s Town Council meeting Monday night,  council voted on which option to take in filling the vacancy for Mayor.

The 4 options were,  Appoint a current member of council, Appoint the candidate who ran for the position in the last election,  Direct the Municipal clerk to solicit applications from qualified applicants or 4) call a by-election.

Deputy Mayor Terziano, and Councillors Schumacher, Fitzgerald, Alcock, Thompson and Wiebe all voted in favour of appointing the mayor from council.  Councillors Armour and Withey voted against the first option.

The Municipal clerk has been directed to solicit notice in writing from members of council and the names will be considered at the next Council meeting on Dec 17 2019. The vote itself will be open to the public, however it will be up to the council to decide if their discussion will be in closed session or not at that time. All members of council will be able to vote, including for themselves.