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Huntsville Hydration Station at Town Hall

Huntsville Hydration Station at Town Hall

Posted: 2022-09-08 07:51:46 By: thebay

The Town of Huntsville unveiled its new Hydration Station in front of Town Hall yesterday. The Town says that thanks to community partners, residents and visitors can access the water bottle filling station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the spring, summer and fall.

This new addition to civic square helps to provide clean and safe drinking water to those visiting downtown Huntsville and the one-touch fill feature means there is no lingering contact where germs can spread, and the design prevents the build-up of grime and standing water.

With millions of plastic water bottles ending up in landfills every year, the implementation of a water station, is one step towards contributing to a more sustainable future. It helps to reduce single use plastics by encouraging main street visitors to bring their reusable water bottles during their travels downtown.