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Huntsville planning approves new monopine cell tower

Huntsville planning approves new monopine cell tower

Posted: 2023-01-30 07:28:23 By: thebay

Committee members approved a new Roger’s Communication tower for Huntsville, in the January 25, 2022, Planning meeting.

A 60-meter steel lattice tri-pole tower, with no lights required, was originally proposed for the 8 Pioneer Avenue and 155 Hood Road area, however, feedback from the public, including over thirty-five emails, primarily from the Mary Lake Association, expressed the height be reduced to 40.

According to Councillor Jason Fitzgerald, the Association also requested a change to the type of tower proposed, indicating, “a resounding decision and opinion they will only accept a monopine.”

Councillor Dione Schumacher, said she attended two public open houses, and the consensus was, “if we don’t have a lattice tower, we’ll have to build more for them to be able to connect to each other.”

Concerns of council were that more towers would be required if they didn’t go with the steel ones.

Fitzgerald inquired, “How many towers is too many towers? When will they be obsolete, and we don’t need them anymore.” He concluded that ultimately, they have to act according to the current needs of the Town and “in the best interests of our constituents.”

Council amended the original proposal for the steel tower, to a 40m monopine with no lights.