Inspections Ongoing Today At Muskoka Wharf

Posted: 2019-06-18 07:22:46 By: hbr

The Town of Gravenhurst is advising that the Muskoka Wharf docks will undergo a full assessment today.  On-site inspections are scheduled to take place starting at 7:00am and to be completed by 7:00pm tonight.

The Conditional Assessment Study will involve the inspection and condition rating of all above water and below water components, including; docking surface, cleats, lighting, alignment, floats, anchors and chains.

The Town says that while the docks have received regular maintenance since their original install in 2005, Infrastructure condition monitoring is a critical component to ensure the useful life of assets are maintained and that future repair and replacement strategies are undertaken in a sustainable manner.

The public are urged to exercise caution while travelling around the docks, both boat and foot traffic may be affected.