Just My Opinion by Ruby Truax

Just My Opinion by Ruby Truax

Posted: 2020-04-09 14:00:13 By: admin

When you think about essential service providers, maybe you think about firefighters, police officers, and these days, of course, healthcare workers. But there are other people working on the front lines of this pandemic, people who never signed up for this and who are risking their health to keep food on our tables: grocery store workers.

Grocery store workers, along with healthcare workers, are more at risk of exposure to this virus than anyone else. They’ve had the role of essential service provider thrust upon them, and many of them are trying to cope with less sleep, more stress and anxiety. And yet, with everything that’s going on, the staff at Bullock’s Independent Grocer are still smiling, always friendly and helpful in spite of it all.

While the store is still pretty busy with shoppers, PC Express is absolutely swamped with online grocery orders. Shelly and Nyah are two of the workers who do personal shopping for customers, and David is one of the people who takes our orders right to our cars so that we don’t have to enter the store to get our weekly groceries.

Keeping the shelves stocked is continuous work, but this store always looks appealing with lots of selection.  That’s thanks to Darren, one of the butchers, Betty, Dave, and a team of many more all constantly working to keep it that way.

Josh is always on the move, cleaning and sanitizing anything that a customer may touch, from freezer door handles to railings to bunkers and shelves. During this outbreak, his job is particularly vital, and Josh’s hard work helps keep us safe while we’re shopping.

As a service clerk, Wade can be spotted anywhere inside or outside the building working at different tasks, helping keep all departments running smoothly. And he does it with a big smile.

Carolyn is one of the pharmacists. She and her staff are extremely vigilant about best practices, knowing that some of their customers may be vulnerable, and they go to great lengths to keep the pharmacy area sanitized so they can safely provide us with the medications we need.

But it’s the cashiers, like Anna and Pat, who are the most at risk because of the number of customers they interact with every shift. The store has taken safety measures to protect them, such as Plexiglass shields and prohibiting re-useable bags, and the cashiers take measures to protect the customers, such as sanitizing the POS pad and the belt between uses. The most noticeable thing about the cashiers at Bullock’s Independent Grocer is that, even in this strained atmosphere, when a lot of us are feeling anxious and edgy, they’re always pleasant and smiling. And that is also appreciated, probably more than they realize.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to call grocery store workers heroes. Most of us rarely need the help of emergency essential services, but we all benefit every single day from the hard work and sacrifices of grocery store workers. I hope they know how much they’re appreciated, even if we don’t remember to tell them.

Thank you all.