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Lake of Bays approves contract award for new electric vehicle charging stations
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Lake of Bays approves contract award for new electric vehicle charging stations

Posted: 2024-07-10 07:29:16 By: thebay

Lake of Bays Council approved a contract award for new electric vehicle charging stations, in the July 9, 2024, meeting.

On February 13th staff were authorized to proceed with the Request for Proposal to contract an EV provider. Since then, they received four proposals, and recommended Bracebridge Generation Ltd. (Lakeland EV Charging).

Director of Planning Services, April Best-Sararas, indicated that benefits of the contract include, Lakeland having network access in the Muskoka region since 2018 and long-term sustainability in rural environments.

According to her report the company also has existing access to suitable grid circuits. It adds, “All charger sites will be separately metered with a new service connection so they would not impact the Township’s existing accounts and services and would not draw power from any existing site.”

It continues that the charging networks will work with existing mapping platforms so that drivers will readily find the chargers.

Sararas advised that the Township will provide the land for the charging stations, without any financial obligations.

According to her report, “Funds were not included in the 2024 Budget for this initiative. It is staff’s recommendation that the EV charger installation project bear the entire responsibility for installing, operating, maintaining, and eventually removing the EV chargers at the end of their life cycle.”

Sararas advised that other benefits include data monitoring and tracking/reporting of the chargers, including GHG emissions and savings, community engagement through education workshops and related outreach programs, and diversity of charging methods.

Her report adds that Lakeland will provide customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. EV drivers can contact them via phone or email, and they have local technicians that will respond to calls within two hours.

The company anticipates having the charging stations commissioned by the end of 2025.

Councillor, Mike Peppard, inquired about who will be using the charging stations.

Sararas advised they will be available to the public and Township.

Upon inquiry, the Township’s Superintendent of Public Works, Steve Piece, advised that the company will also likely be responsible for their own snow removal, like Canada Post.

Other matters, such as charger sites and setbacks, and insurance will be ongoing considerations as staff work with the company to proceed with the project.